Thursday, April 15, 2010

heading for Alice

packing up now and refurbishing the camper trailer, getting ready to make a quick run for Alice, just returned from Echuca from a week on a houseboat, very relaxing, I had to replace the bearings on our trailer and put new rubber on board, decided against taking little blue as we want a base to return to, and a bit more speed to get rid of the boring miles and theres just a little more room in the camper trailer, we will stay in Reba's underground just for something a bit different, but when we return I will place some piccys here for you, sorry about the delay between postings, but I did say I wasn't too flash at keeping these things up to date, I cant remember where we have been since my last posting, Tassie again (I think) and the blue mountains

Sunday, February 15, 2009

our Tassie adventure

Friday 30th Jan. we pulled out of Pirie on what was promising to be a stinking hot day, it didnt let us down, 43deg. absolute mongrel traveling weather (no air-con in our Hi-ace camper) but we got to halls gap in one piece, well sort of as our alternator gave up the ghost at 9.30 at night and left us driving through the grampians in the dark hoping not to hit any big roos, we made it through 5 minutes after the c/park at Halls gap closed and refused to re-open

Saturday...... was another trial with nothing open to do any repairs on our camper, but after many attempts at various towns we found "scotty" in stawell who did the job for us so under way again melbourne bound and the awaiting spirit of Tasmania, dropped into kryal castle, pretty good building job for one man, sailed saturday night sleep on the spirit, damn ocean recliners wont let us, but arrived O.K. and headed for launceston and cataract gorge spent the day, fantastic, free camp just out of launceston and on the road again

monday.......saw us heading towards cradle mountain, no luck there as it was raing nanny goats and sleepy lizards, couldnt see any thing so headed for strahan along the western teirs road, magical drive

Tuesday.....gordon river cruise, fantastic, magical experience do it if you can, tues night booked in to the strahan island cabins, great people with excellent amenities, dog freindly, even though a sign states it is not

wednesday.......A.B.T. railway premium class, met at the door of our carriage by Paul with a glass of champagne and the food and drink did not cease for the next 4 hours, magical trip fully recommend, on to another free camp at Bradys lake, beautifull spot

thursday..........toodled down the lyall highway checking out different things including the salmon ponds, well worth a visit

friday...............after another free camp we continued our way to the richmond c/park and just have a look around at different things

Saturday.........drove in to the salamanca market at 6.30 to try and miss the traffic, need not have bothered, the place was already full friday night, standing room only, took a look around bought a few trinkets and took off for mount wellington, rained out, couldnt see 20 feet in front of us so headed for the tahune air walk down by geeveston, fantastic, well worth the trip, met a mob of cyclist's doing part of the route over the swinging bridges but that only added to the atmosphere, bought the biggest cherries that I have ever seen (1 1/2" round at least) absolutely delicious, back to richmond

Sunday...........headed back out to mount wellington, this time all was clear and an absolute perfect day vision was good for miles, top day

monday..........around to port arthur, what a magical mystical place this is, keeps calling me back, all the history and drama, we spent two days there, amazing

Tuesday.........port arthur still, cant get enough, the walk from the port arthur c/park to the penal settlement through pirates cove is amazing and should not be missed by anyone

Wednesday......headed up the lake highway starting to make our way back to devonport for the spirit on thursday night, decided to head for cradle mountain for another try, stopped in the cradle mountain camp grounds

Thursday........early rise (to beat the crowds) drove up to dove lake (bit hairy in places very tight) absolutely magical place, indescribable beauty (see attached photos)

Friday.............arrived in melbourne at around 7 o'clock after a sleepless night (damn ocean veiw recliners) started doing battle with the peak hour traffic with two near collisions and then the 13 hour drive home arrived home about 8 or 8.30 absolutely shattered but very happy.

that was our trip to Tassie. hope you enjoyed reading our little post.

our next trip will be a short one but the next (august) will be a foray to the centre (uluru) so watch for that one

meanwhile photos of this trip can be seen in these places

Monday, January 26, 2009

Tassie here we come!!!

we are part time travellers and we nick off whenever we can, we are looking forward to retirement in a couple of years time but until then we just take short trips, we just returned from a trip to arkaroola and we are just about to depart bound for Tasmania

we are leaving this friday 30th of february 2009 and staying overnight at halls gap, then on to Kryal castle (just the other side of ballarat), we will have a sqizz at kryal and then meander down to port melbourne to join the good ship "spirit of tasmania" for a night passage (aptly named I may add)

we will have 11 days in Tas and upon return we will post some piccys for you

Sunday, January 25, 2009

tottaly new to me!!!

well, just a trial run to see if all the cogs mesh and that the clutch is operational and all seems to be in order